Čistič na polarizační brýle Leech – Cleaning Spray Black

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LEECH GLASKLAR Lens Cleaner is a gentle, natural cleaner for Leech sunglasses perfect for the lens materials, coatings and surfaces.
The Leech formula is based on pure ingredients found in nature, which are not artificially denatured and uses the unique SPARKLING effect to clean.
Under the high pressure of the special atomiser, the solution develops millions of ultra-fine, almost invisible droplets.
This dislodges dirt on the surface of the lens while you spray on the solution, letting you simply wipe it off after with a cloth.

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Nu lanserar vi nu ett suveränt bra linsrengörings spray till våra solglasögon. Denna produkt innehåller endast naturliga ämnen och innehåller inte alkohol eller andra farliga kemikalier. Medlet lämnar ingen film men tar bort fett och annan smuts effektivt.

LEECH GLASKLAR lens cleaner contains various alcohols, which are all produced in pure form.
When combined with sodium bicarbonate under high pressure carbon dioxide is created.
This sparkling is the secret of cleaning power.
The aerosol (spray after exit from atomizer) contains only about 0,004 ml pure alcohol (spirit of wine)
and is complete non-toxic. Nevertheless, please do not eat and keep children out of reach.

Ingredients: Ethanol 60%, ionic and nonionic surfactants below 5%, 3,375% isopropanol, 3,375% n-propanol, water, limonene, sodium bicarbonate (E500ii)
Application notes: Concentrated LEECH GLASKLAR Fluid exclusively mixed with water, do not eat
Warnings: Protect against strong sunlight. Do not suitable for human consumption. Inflammable at high temperatures. Keep away from children
Mixing ratio: 8% LEECH GLASKLAR – Concentrate, 92% Water

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